Insurance Contract

Request for quote
Agricultural producer individually, or through a collective entity, should contact Atlas via email requesting a quote.
For this quote request, you must inform if you took out insurance in the previous year and be in possession of the basic data of your culture:
- Type of Culture
- County
- Area (Acre)
- Productivity and price

Quote Presentation
Atlas team provides the best quote for the policy requested by the producer.

Proposal Acceptancea
Upon acceptance of the Proposal, the producer must also send Atlas:
1. Signed Insurance Proposal (alternatively, the response by email replaces the signature of the Proposal and presupposes acceptance of the Conditions);
2. If the Policyholder is a PO, Cooperative or Aggregating Entity, authorization from the farmer to conclude the insurance contract through the insured declaration (this declaration will be made available on the IFAP portal (Harvest Insurance / Forms) and after it is signed, must remain in the borrower's custody;
3. Placement File duly filled in with the information of the partners to be insured to start counting the 8-day grace period, followed by the effective coverage;
4. CASES Cooperative Credential (in case of a legally constituted Cooperative) for the Proposal Acceptance;
5. Declarations of Contribution and Tax Situations:
a) Proof issued by Social Security;
b) Proof issued by the Tax and Customs Authority, attesting to the regularity of your tax situation.

Application for the Insurance Premium Bonus by IFAP
The moment the IFAP platform opens for risk framing, the Placement File is validated by the Atlas team. In case there are any questions about the installments, the Policyholder must, as soon as possible, clarify or correct information that may be preventing the application for the prize bonus.
After framing the risk, the Policyholder is informed that the application has already been approved and, therefore, must submit the Acceptance Term.

Policy Issuance
Atlas sends the Policyholder all the information regarding the policy taken out, namely:
1. General Policy Conditions
2. Particular Policy Conditions
3. Informative Note
4. Invoice

From this date, the Policyholder has 15 days to proceed with the payment of the premium amount.
To ensure consistency between the insurance installments and the premium payable by the policyholder, the Policy is issued at the end of this process. However, policyholders - after the period of effective coverage is in force - may request an Insurance Declaration for the purposes of Projects or others that require the presentation of proof of insurance.

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