In the event of an accident, during the coverage period of the policy taken out, the Policyholder must contact the Atlas team informing them of the occurrence of the event within 8 days.

To perform the Participation you must send by email to the Participation File which you can request from the Atlas team or download the Participation Files below:
- Insurance Harvest Claim File
- Insurance Wine Harvest Claim File

Claims File must be filled in with the data on the claims, namely
- Name, NIF, NIFAP and Insured's contacts
- Date and Cause of Claim
- District Code, Municipality Code, Plot Number (and Sub-plot), Variety, Average Productivity, Safe Price and Safe Area
- Affected Area and Additional Information that may be helpful

In case of a collective insurance, 1 File must be sent for each of the Insured who intends to submit a Claim.

Loss adjustment

Upon receipt of the Claim, Atlas will send the information to the expertise team who will contact the Insured in order to schedule loss adjustment visit.
Between time of participation and expert examination, the insured will not be able to collect the damaged parcels so that the experts can assess the damage

Loss adjustment consists of a technical visit to the site of the claim, in which the Expert carries out an examination/inspection in order to assess the impact of the claim.
Loss adjustment expertises are made up of several steps, which to simplify the analysis, we now list:
• Face-to-face analysis at the claim site;
• Comparison between real and insured values;
• Verification of the possible occurrence of causes not covered;
• Assessment of damage and calculation of compensation;
• PMI verification.

The results found, whatever the type of visit, must be certified by both parties, through the signing of the minutes between the insured and the loss adjustment expert.
Following the expert examinations (from the 1st or 2nd visit) and after validation and signature by the Insured of the Expert Report, the information thereof is communicated to Atlas.
Once the indemnities have been determined, after verifying the settlement of the insurance premium, Atlas proceeds to settle the amounts for the IBAN sent by the Policyholder.

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